• Night Like This3:41
  • Southern Summer 2:55
  • Dixie Girls 3:05
  • One Star Delta Night3:53
  • Backroad Riding 4:36
  • Tennessee3:56
  • Oh Tonight4:27

Truck patch Revival from the flatlands of the Mississippi Delta and, home of The Blues.  These guys have been deemed The Country Rock Band of the Delta! Comprised of 4 very talented musicians from an array of genres Truck Patch Revival has brought to the table a very unique sound of original music that has been very well received by their audience.  

How did the band got their name?  Brian Heath one of the founding member, his dad had a rock band back in the 60's called Truck Patch.  Frank and Brian where trying to come up with a name to re-brand the from what was The Frank Caswell Band. Frank called Brian one day and says what about Truck Patch Revival because of the sentimental reason and it related to where we are from and the music we make. 

We have been nominated in several categories for the Mississippi Music Awards. We book 100-120 shows per year, with a steady incline.  We were nominated for best music video at the Oxford Film Festival.  One of our many achievements in 2013 was being the Texaco Country Showdown winners.  In September 2016 we won song of the year at the Josie Independent Music Awards in Nashville, TN.  

​Frank Caswell, Lead Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter, Born in Cleveland, MS now living in Memphis, TN. Frank was exposed to music very early in life. Being the youngest of four musically talented siblings it wasn't a surprise that Frank at the age of eight was playing guitar and singing in church. His true passion is songwriting, as Frank got older he began listening to some of the greatest Country and Rock N Roll Legends who he soon became influenced by, Frank soon began writing a very diverse style of music, both Country and Southern Rock. Frank now has written well over a hundred songs, along with his gift for writing he was blessed with a raw-soulful voice that draws people in. 

Brian Sherwood, from Cleveland, MS, Lead Guitar/Songwriter/Vocals.  Brian is a multi-talented musician who began by learning the drums at the age of five. By the time he was seven he was already taking road trips, traveling with bands to perform. With opportunities to perform alongside of many great musicians, Brian is an accomplished musician in his own right.

West Wheeler, born in Mobile, AL has been providing rhythm for quite some time. Ever since getting his first toy drum set when he was 4, he has been enjoying that boom bap for forty plus years.
He spent the summer of his 16th year in Boston at the famed Berklee College of Music styding with the likes of Steve Wilkes. Then on to Delta State University as a Music major with a business minor.   Once West found his true love, Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California; was where he decided to study.  Having the ability to study with more than just drummers, spend all of his time practicing, playing and recording he found home.  West learned from Casey Scheurelle, Matt Laug, Gary Gabratini, Owen Goldman and Fred Dinkins. This was more education in one year than four at many other schools.
Upon graduation, young Wheeler played in quite a few bands, driving the beat and recording for Shoot the Moon, Johnson, Bruce Hazel and Bimbo Du Jour, then discovering Truck Patch Revival brought a new life to a band and a man.

 Ben Murray- Bassist
From Sikeston, Missouri,  

 Origin: Mississippi
 Genre: Country Rock
 Label:  Rock Avenue Records USA