Jan 3rd Upper Deck McComb, MS
Jan 10th House Show Memphis, TN
Jan 17th Wedding Dumas, AR
Jan 24th Warehouse Cleveland, TN
Jan 31st Moose Lodge Cleveland, MS (Acoustic)
Feb 7th Upper Deck McComb, MS
Feb 13th The New Daisy Memphis, TN
Feb 14th The Lyric Oxford, MS
Feb 21st Sky Kings, Boyle, MS
March 6th Stone Pony Clarksdale, MS
March 28th World Catfish Fest Belzoni, MS
April 4th Beechwood Vicksburg, MS
​April 10th Crustaceans Cleveland, MS Acoustic
April 24th Road House Casino Tunica, MS
April 25th Road House Casino Tunica, MS
April 25th Mississippi Music Awards 1pm-5pm
May 1st Bellazar's Boyle, MS Acoustic
May 2nd Upper Deck McComb, MS
May 8th Stone Pony Clarksdale, MS
​May 9th Spectator's Greenville, MS
​May 15th Dan McGuinness Southaven, MS
May 16th Whiskey Rhythm Saloon Nashville,TN
May 30th Crawdads Merigold, MS
June 5th Pop's Saloon Jackson, MS
June 26th Ice House McCmob, MS
June 27th Crawdads Lei-Ann's Benefit
July 4th Lake Ferguson 4th of July Blow Out
July 10th Crustaceans Cleveland, MS
July 25th Beechwood Vicksburg, MS
Aug 8th Wedding Olive Branch
Aug 15th Jackson Rhythm & Blues Fest
Aug 20th Levitt Concert Series 
Aug 21st On The Rocks Cleveland, MS
Aug 22nd Ribeye's Yazoo City, MS
Aug 29th Beechwood Vicksburg, MS
Sept 4th Ice House McComb, MS

Sept 5th Bellazars Boyle, MS
Sept 11th Bellazars Boyle, MS
Sept 12th Wedding Clarksdale, MS

Oct 9th Octoberfest Cleveland, MS
Oct 24th Wedding Rosedale, MS

Oct 31th Halloween Party Ribeye's Yazoo City

Nov 6th Bellazars Boyle, MS
Nov 7th Little Rock, AR

Nov 12th Dan McGuinness Southaven, MS

Nov 14th Studio 55 Grenada, MS

Nov 20th Paw Print Rescue Cleveland, MS

Nov 21st Back Roads Cascilla, MS 

Nov 27th Ice House McComb, MS

Dec 12th 1933 Ruleville, MS
Dec 30th Private Party

Mississippi Made

About Truck Patch Revival

2016 Truck Patch Revival Tour Dates

Jan 1st Bellazars Boyle, MS

Jan 2nd Paige Sherri Wedding, AR
Jan 8th Spectators Acoustic Greenville, MS
Jan 9th Ground Zero Clarksdale, MS
Jan 16th Beechwood Vicksburg, MS

Jan 22nd Good Morning Mississippi Show
Jan 22nd Pop's Saloon Jackson, MS

Feb 5th Spectators Greenville, MS

Feb 6th Spectators Greenville, MS

Feb 16th Dan McGuinness Southaven, MS

Feb 19th Oxford Film Fest Oxford, MS

Feb 19th Bellazars Boyle, MS

Feb 20th Oxford Film Fest Oxford, MS

Feb 20th Crawdad's Merigold, MS

Feb 21st Warfield Point Park, Greenville, MS

March 18th Bellazars Boyle, MS
March 25th Pop's Saloon

April 2nd Crustaceans Cleveland, MS

April 7th Rockin the Roost Olive Branch, MS

April 8th The Ice House McComb, MS

April 9th French Quarters Fest New Orleans, LA

April 15th Bellazars Boyle, MS

April 16th American Legion Benefit Cleveland, MS

April 30th Crawdad's Merigold, MS

May 11th The New Roxy Clarksdale, MS

May 14th Crustaceans Festival Cleveland, MS

May 28th Pop's Saloon Jackson, MS

June 4th End of School Festival McComb, MS

June 10th The Ice House McComb, MS

July 1st Pop's Saloon Jackson, MS

July 23rd Rockin Willy's Mcomb, MS w/ Jacob Bryant

July 29th Bellazars Boyle, MS 

Aug 5th Angel's Party Lake Village, AR

Aug 13th Fillin Station West Southaven, MS

Aug 19th Crawdad's Merigold., MS

Aug 22nd Nashville Entertainment Weekly

Aug 26th Pop's Saloon Jackson, MS

Aug 27th Fillin Station East Southaven, MS

Sept 2nd Dan McGuinness Southaven, MS

Sept 6th Dan McGuinness Southaven, MS

Sept 15th Bologna Performing Arts Center Cleveland, MS w/ Travis Tritt and Luke Combs

Sept 18th The Josie Awards Nashville,TN

Oct 1st Jerry Lawler's Memphis, TN

Oct 7th Octoberfest  Cleveland, MS w/Greg Crowe

Oct 14th Rival's Greenville, MS

Oct 15th On The Rocks*MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT*

Oct 18th Dan McGuinness Southaven, MS

Oct 28th Governor's Party Pickens, AR

Nov 18th Pop's Saloon Jackson, MS

Dec 3rd Wedding Party Pickens, AR

Dec 31st Hopson's Commissary Clarksdale, MS
more to be posted soon

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2016 Song of the Year "One Star Delta Night" Nashville, TN Josie Awards!!

Truck Patch Revival from the flatlands of the Mississippi Delta and, home of The Blues.  These guys have been deemed The Country Rock Band of the Delta!  Comprised of 4 very talented musicians from an array of genres Truck Patch Revival has brought to the table a very unique sound of original music that has been very well received by their audience.  

How did the band got their name?  Brian Heath one of the founding member, his dad had a rock band back in the 60's called Truck Patch.  Frank and Brian where trying to come up with a name for the band.  Frank Called Brian one day and says what about Truck Patch Revival because of the sentimental reason and it related to where we are from and the music we make. 

2015 Truck Patch Revival Tour Dates